A Wide Range of Analytical Tools for Real Estate Agents and Sales Persons

Unlock property and market intelligence with real-time data and insights

IOS & Android | Mobile & Tablet


Deliver value add for your client through our easy-to-use tools, giving you a cutting edge in making your next sale.
  • Access real-time residential and commercial transactions
  • Instantaneously generate digital property reports
  • Acquire first-hand information on new launches

Granular data

More granular data than through industry sources

Live transaction searching

Comprehensive search capability across real-time residential, industrial and commercial transactions

IOS & Android | Tablet


Analyse market patterns and forecasts to deliver actionable, data driven insights for your clients.
  • Understand complex data patterns with interactive visualisations
  • Derive insights on market intelligence and project comparisons
  • Anticipate and predict future property trends

Project comparison

Evaluate projects efficiently for your clients with a series of graphs, tables and read-outs

Predictive trends

Supplement historical data with an understanding of future opportunities and risk to determine investment potential

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